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Wayne Anthony Walz

Professional Experience

40 Years of Global Oil & Gas Industry Experience including:

  • Trans Ventures International Corp. [Global], inc. Guangzhou Gaohoa Fuel Oil Ltd [China] - President [2011-present]
  • Texaco - Americas, Africa and Asia - Various Operating & Management Roles [1969-1982]
  • Kerr-McGee Corp. - Oklakhoma & Texas - Various Operating & Management Roles [1982-1992]
  • TransAmerican Natural Gas Corp - Operating & Engineering Advisor [1992-1993]
  • Azerbaijan International Operating Co [the first largest offshore oil producer in the Caspian Region which reached more than 1 mmmbbl/d of production, including Executive Director of the Coordiating Council of Oil Industry in Baku which coordinated all the PSA infrastructure and services activities. [1994-1999]
  • Served as pro-bono Advisor to AZFEN, a JV between TECFEN and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, than resulted in a highly successful JV with AMEC for offshore Topside Module Fabrication/Comissioning EPC contracts.
  • Nobel Oil - Baku Azerbaijan - COO & General Manager [2007-2010]
  • Caspian Region Oilfield Services Corp.[Global] - Managing Director [1999-present]
  • Former President of the Baku International Rotary Club and the Board Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan.
  • Senior Director & Partner of Capitalinka Investment Management Services LLC [ Oklakhoma City 2017-present ]

Additional Information

Chairman, CEO of Trans Ventures International Ltd. (UAE) and COO, Shareholder of Guangzhou Gaohua Fuel Oil Ltd. (CHINA) 7/2011 - present

The corporate entities of the Joint Venture between China Energy Storage and Trans Ventures International for the sourcing of petroleum derivatives for importation, distribution and marketing within P.R. of China

Managing Director - Caspian Region Oilfield Services Corporation and Trans Ventures International

4/1/99 – Present

Founded and managed several upstream petroleum sector companies providing services, equipment,consultancy and crude/derivatives trading operations.

Successfully organized and facilitated an international consortium that has signed a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) on a very prospective offshore license area containing three giant oil and gas fields (BAHAR, BAHAR2 and Gum Adasi Fields).

COO/General Manager – NOBEL OIL LTD (Azerbaijan) 7/2007 – 04/2010

Managed an active company with up to total employees of 900, operated five offshore platform rigs and 12 Offshore platform well serviced units under contract to the State Oil Company. The company alsoconducted EPC Project operations under contact to the State Oil Company (SOCAR) to provide additional gas compression and power generation services within their offshore oil and gas fields.

Member of the Board of Directors of:

Vice Chairman - Azeri Drilling Company

NOBEL OIL LTD Azerbaijan


NARVis - EPC and Project Management (ARV/NOBEL OIL JV)

DHN Fluids – Drilling Mud Engineering and Services (DH Fluids/NOBEL OIL JV).

Executive Director – The Coordinating Council 1/1/98 – 3/31/99

Baku, Azerbaijan

Managed the permanent office of the Coordinating Council, a forum consisting of the Presidents of theratified consortia and Chaired by the President of the State Oil Company. The Council addressed such issues as coordinated usage of Azerbaijani infrastructure, Regulatory Regime Modernization and facilitation of contractor entry into Azerbaijan.

· Conceptualized and facilitated the Shared Infrastructure Services and the Azerbaijani IndustryDevelopment Initiatives.

· Defined and facilitated the acceptance of the “Revenue Sharing Agreement” alliance structure which hasgained strong support within the Government and contractor community and is the preferred structurefor cooperation between Azerbaijani and international companies.

· Prepared a draft law “On Joint Activities and Revenue Sharing” for the Prime Minister for submittal tothe Milli Majilis.

· Facilitated strong support for the alliancing initiatives within the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, TDA andOPIC with commitments to support the initiatives and provide project financing.


Vice President - Projects and Field Development

Baku, Azerbaijan

Member of the Executive Committee that conceptualized, planned and implemented the establishment and implementation of AIOC and the fulfillment of its PSA work program within Azerbaijan.

Directed,coordinated the evaluation of the Early Oil Project feasibility and its subsequent implementation.

· Actively participated in the formation and establishment of AIOC.

· Successfully built an efficient, effective Projects organization.

· Successfully evaluated the EOP project within the six months PSA time period on time and withinbudget.

· Successfully pursued implementation of the EOP Implementation Program with a total budget of 600Million USD to develop 850 Million STB.

· Successfully established excellent relationships with the State Oil Company management and otherrelevant governmental bodies based on mutual respect and credibility.

· A senior Peer Review Team from the Shareholders (BP, AMOCO, STATOIL, UNOCAL, LUKOIL)judged the Projects Team as highly professional and competent.

· The implementation program delivered first oil on November 7, 1997, and achieved mechanicalcompletion within 19 months of sanction at a project cost of 540 million USD.

· Both the Derrick Barge Azerbaijan and Pipe Lay Barge Israfil Gusseinov were successfully refurbishedand performed to world standards.

· Conceived and successfully implemented a Regulatory and Permitting mechanism/organization thatobtained the needed approvals from the 29 relevant Regulatory/Governmental entities required for EOPImplementation.

· Successfully recruited and developed a core organization of competent National projects personnel.

· Successfully conceived and implemented a program which achieved SOCAR and Gipromorneftegazbuy-in into the Detailed EOP Engineering design which resulted in its approval at no added cost.

· Successfully maintained and positioned the award of Project work via competitive tender.

· Identified and upgraded key infrastructure assets needed for EOP and future project implementationearning priority access via the PSA provisions.

PENNZOIL CORPORATION, Houston, Texas July 1993 - 1994

Country Manager

West Mogutlorsk Field, Western Siberia

Houston based position coordinating the facility construction, drilling, well completion, operations andgovernment relations activities of a Russian/American Joint Venture located in Western Siberia.

· Conducted successful Ministry level meetings and negotiations that resulted in the write down of theField’s official “State Register” reserves by two thirds and the approval of a three year pilotdevelopment program.

· Conducted successful Ministry level meetings and negotiations and obtained tax and burden relief forthe Joint Venture.

· Directed a joint engineering study between the Nizhnevartovsk Design Institute and CBS Engineering todesign, winterize and install facilities to meet all Russian regulations.

· Managed a successful reorganization of a dysfunctional operations organization and successfullyimplemented an onshore field development and export of production commencing in late 1993.


Operations/Engineering Advisoron drilling, completion, cementing, corrosion control and hydraulicfracturing design/execution in deep, 250-300 degree F+, abnormally pressured, corrosive gas wells in South Texas Wilcox.

· Developed a successful “Hybrid” foam-aqueous fracturing technique that minimizes gel loading andfluid load while minimizing carbon dioxide requirements.

· Initiated procedures that reduced casing cementing costs by 30% and hydraulic fracturing cost by 15%.

KERR-MCGEE CORPORATION September 1982 - March 1992

Chief Region Engineer April 1987 - March 1992

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

U.S. Onshore Region. Directed, coordinated, and controlled engineering resources for U.S. Onshore Region to achieve maximum efficiency in meeting the company objectives, generating profitable opportunities, and providing technical service support.

· Built and developed highly competent and efficient engineering department handling U.S. OnshoreRegion efforts.

· Effectively directed, coordinated and controlled all onshore non-operated business activities.

· Attained and maintained well completion and hydraulic fracturing efforts at the “cutting edge” of current technology.

Operations Manager September 1985 - April 1987

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

U.S. Onshore Region. Directed, coordinated, and controlled engineering, non-operated business andproduction operations activities within U.S. Onshore Region to accomplish corporate goals of maximumefficiency and profit.

· Implemented a program of placing lease operating costs accountability on the area production foremen.

· Successfully directed integration of production operations of large acquisition into the existingproduction operations structure.

· Planned, prioritized and controlled the systematic upgrading of acquired company’s facilities tocompany standards.

Area Manager International, Far East and Canada September 1984 - October 1985

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Directed, coordinated and controlled the engineering, drilling operations, and production operationsresources in the Far East and Canada to achieve the corporate objectives.

· Personally Directed the extended production testing of an offshore discovery offshore Java, Indonesia for 100 days utilizing a jackup rig andstorage tanker.

· Directed the feasibility studies comparing alternate field development scenarios.

· Personally Conducted successful negotiations with the host country resulting in export, sale and split of proceeds torecover all cost of the test.

Area Manager, Northwest and Mid-Continent Districts January 1984 - September 1984

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Directed, coordinated and controlled all engineering, drilling and production operations resources withinNorthwest and Mid-Continent Districts to achieve corporate objectives.

· Successfully directed delineation drilling program in major Powder River Basin field which setefficiency and cost records.

· Implemented program of putting accountability for controlling lease operating expenses upon areaproduction foreman.

Assistant Manager, Southwest District September 1982 - December 1983

Amarillo, Texas

Coordinated and directed all Southwest District drilling and production operations activities inclusive ofrecompletion and well work.

· Implemented program of putting accountability for controlling lease operating expenses upon areaproductions foremen.

· Instituted a lease inspection program which documented compliance to corporate and regulatoryrequirements and prioritized upgrade efforts.

TEXACO, INC. July 1969 - August 1982

Assistant Division Engineer Latin American and West Africa November 1981 - September 1982

Coral Gables, Florida

Coordinated and supported all business activities in Nigeria and Angola.

· Evaluated and advised during contract area negotiations with the Nigerian Government.

· Evaluated and recommended optional well completion techniques for offshore Angola discovery.

Chief Engineer September 1979 - November 1981

Lagos, Nigeria

Directed, coordinated and controlled all engineering resources for Texaco Overseas Nigeria, Ltd. Reported to General Manager.

· Built competent Nigerian engineering organization that successfully completed field studies on allexisting fields and development plans for two field discoveries.

· Directed development and finalization of gas unitization study to Nigerian Government evaluating fivealternative uses.

Initiated development of the Funiwa, Okubie and North Apoi Fields offshore the Nigeria.

Assistant Superintendent, Duri Field Enhanced Oil Recovery January 1979 - September 1979

P.T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Central Sumatra, Indonesia.

Directed, coordinated and controlled large operations department conducting cyclic steam stimulation, 640 acre stream flood and 640 acre caustic flood operations.

· Rebuilt seven generator cyclic steam stimulation department and achieved increase in average unit runtime from 50 to 90%.

Senior Production Engineer September 1977 - January 1979

Asst. Superintendent, Duri Field Enhanced Oil Recovery Department

Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Advised and supported Duri Field Enhanced Oil recovery department on operation of the pilot floods and cyclic steam stimulation program.

· Set up and implemented gravel packing program for sand control in Duri Infill completions.

· Completed statistical analysis of cyclic stimulation results establishing criteria for job size and timing.

Senior Reservoir Engineer September 1977 - January 1979

Central Sumatra, Indonesia

- Evaluated several major fields’ performance through reservoir simulation and conventional techniques to insure maximum recovery through recompletions and infill drilling.

· Successfully applied BOSS reservoir simulator and SOCAL map package in analyzing several majorfields.

· Proposed highly successful infill drilling program resulting in significant new reserve extensions.


Texaco, Inc. New Iberia Region, South Louisiana

Chief Production Engineer January 1973 - September 1974

Trained and Supervised a team of ten Field Production Engineers responsible to monitor and optimize the prolific Pliocene and Miocene fields within the Inland Bay areas of Southeastern Louisiana.

The Region typically completed approximately 100 drilling wells and 400 well workovers per year via utilization of approximately 20 barge workover rigs and up to 20 barge drilling rigs working within the Inland Bays in Southeastern Louisiana.

Exploitation of the mostly salt dome structure fields required penetration of highly abnormally pressured strata and well depths up to 8000 meters.

The Reservoir Engineer July 1971 - January 1973

Production Engineer July 1969 - January 1971


B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1969.


Two grown children.



Gas Research Institute, Natural Gas Supply Project, Project Advisor - 3 years.

Stim-Lab Consortium, Member Company Representative, 5 years.

Warwick Estates Homeowners Association, President - 5 years.


2009/2011 – Member Board of Directors of American Chamber of Commerce


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