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Caspian Region Oilfield Services



Caspian Region Oilfield Services Corp (CROSC) was highly professional group of specialists which specializes in industrial and civil construction inclusive of roads, drilling locations, tank foundations, buildings, boiler houses, storage tanks, onshore production facilities, pipelines,pipeline repair and roustabout gangs.

CROSC Strategy

Caspian Region Oilfield Services Corp (Azerbaijan) we believe that low cost, quality facilities and services can be provided to our clients to both GOST or International standards through the use of effectively applied Quality Control and Quality Assurance practices.

Therefore we would like to emphasize that our core mission is to exceed customer expectation in delivering our services; our core values are our people, quality and reputation.

CROSC Background

Prior to privatization, the firm was a division of the State Onshore Construction Ministry (AZGUR) called Santechmontage - a large industrial organization specialized in heating, water and gas supply systems, boiler and heat exchanger fabrication, sewerage systems, ventilation and air-condition systems for industrial and commercial sector.

In Feb 2000 the company was privatized and became GIF Construction Company.

To reflect the company’s transition to a region full service, petroleum sector construction company, the company has established an international structure and now operates within Azerbaijan as Caspian Region Oilfield Services Corporation (Azerbaijan).

CROSC Activities

Project: Steel tank Fab and Process Piping

  • Client: Salyan Oil
  • Location: Ali Bayramli
  • Work: EPC for 1- 5000 cu m & 2-2000 cu m storage tanks

Project: EPC for 8 Field Offices

Contractor: Karasu Operating Company(KOC)

Location: Ali Bayramli Area

Contract Description: Supply, Erection &Commissioning

Project: Onshore civil construction

Contractor: Salyan Oil Limited

Location: Ali Bayramili Area

Contract Description: construction of four drilling locations for SOL new well drilling operations , including construction of site roads, well cellars, pits, drainage and concrete rig foundations.

Project: Altiaghaj Long Range Radar Facility 

During January thru April 2005, CROSC/ASPI constructed the Long Range Radar Facility located on top of Altiaghaj Mountain under contract to Washington International. The Project met its Critical Path Milestone to send its initial signal during mid-April

Project: Construction of Mineral Water Plant

Contractor: Deka Company

Location: Altiaghaj Region

Contract Description: EPC Contract for construction and commissioning of Mineral Water Plant 

Project: Onshore construction

Contractor: Muradkhanli Operating Company

Location: Muradkhanli Oilfiield

Contract Description: construction of well site and camp for MOC drilling operations , construction of infield road for oil separation facilities; repair and reconstruction of flowlines and gathering systems; construction of pumphouse

Project: Onshore construction

Contractor: Union Texas Lok-Batan Ltd.

Location: Lokbatan Oildfield

Contract Description: building of drilling location for an exploratory well.

Project: Onshore Construction  

Contractor: Ansad Petrol

Location: Neftchala Oilfield

Contract Description: construction of boiler house complex and steam lines 

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